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Toys for Guinea Pigs

Toys are very important to your guinea pig, and they provide more than just entertainment. In fact, many people don't realize the true importance of toys for guinea pigs, but toys are essential to their overall well-being.Just about anything could become a toy for a guinea pig, but there are specific toys that he needs. Specifically, your guinea pig requires toys that he can safely gnaw on. The ideal gnawing toy for a guinea pig will be made of wood. It doesn't do your guinea pig much good to gnaw on something that he can't actually tear up.

Your guinea pig needs to gnaw in order to keep his teeth in check. You see, unlike many other animals, your guinea pigs teeth will grow for his entire life. If his teeth become too long, this causes him problems 'it can actually prevent him from eating, and this of course, is a huge problem. When he gnaws, he keeps his teeth filed down to a length that works well for him.

A block of wood will amuse your guinea pig, and give him the ability to gnaw to his hearts content. But there is also a wide selection of wooden toys that are designed for pet birds, which will work nicely for your guinea pig.

Hiding is also important to your guinea pig. You should provide several different hiding places for your guinea pig. They especially like hiding in tunnels, but they also like hiding in paper bags, in stocking caps, or anything else that provides cover. You can make hiding places out of plastic containers with little doors cut out, out of cardboard boxes, or even out of pet beds turned upside down.

As much as a guinea pig needs gnawing toys and hiding places, he also needs plenty of open space. Guinea pigs get a great deal of their exercise from running, and you will often find them running around the walls of the pen. When they do this, it doesn't mean that they are agitated or trying to escape. It simply means that they have excess energy to burn off.

Your guinea pig won't necessarily like all of the toys and activities that you provide for him. Take the time to get to know what really interests him, and what really holds no interest for him. Each guinea pig is, after all, an individual, with individual tastes and preferences.

If your guinea pig seems to lose interest in his toys, simply rearrange them. This may mean hanging some toys in different areas, or scooping up loose toys and scattering them about the cage. He will amuse himself for hours rediscovering his toys, and their new locations.

Remember, toys don't have to be expensive. They do, however, have to be useful and amusing. Paper bags, empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, newspaper, and cardboard boxes are all considered quality toys for guinea pigs.

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