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Because there are so many guinea pig lovers in the world, it only stands to reason that there are numerous organizations and associations devoted to these remarkable animals. If you are a guinea pig owner, or just a guinea pig lover, you need to know more about these associations.

American Cavy Breeders Association - - The American Cavy Breeders Association is an important organization in the world of guinea pigs. The ACBA is located in all states in the United States, through chapter clubs. The ACBA exists for the purpose of breeding guinea pigs in a way that improves the breed, and they also sanction numerous shows throughout the United States each year.

Guinea Pigs Club - - The Guinea Pigs Club isn't exactly an association, but it is an online club, where you can find tons of information concerning guinea pigs. Here, you will also find numerous online friends who share your love of guinea pigs. This special online club is just as important as any organization.

Australian National Cavy Council - - The Australian National Cavy Council, known as the ANCC, is the premier association for guinea pig owners in Australia. Through the website, you can find information concerning cavy standards, stud lists, and the national ANCC show.

In the next decade, you can expect to see numerous other organizations crop up in support of guinea pigs as pets, show animals, and even as humane research animals. For now, you can join either the American or Australian national organizations, or join local clubs that either are or are not nationally associated.

As mentioned, these clubs and organizations are very important to guinea pig owners and breeders. They not only serve to educate, but they also offer a way to meet up with other guinea pig lovers, and to make lifelong friends who share your passion for these special animals.

If there isn't a club in your local area, contact your national association, and find out about organizing a club in your area. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, you will also be doing your guinea pig, other guinea pig owners, and their pets a huge favor. Nobody can understand your devotion to your guinea pig like another devoted guinea pig owner.

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