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Pet Bathing as Part of the Pet Grooming Experience

A house without a pet just isn't complete. Whether the ideal animal companion is a cat or dog, proper pet grooming is essential. Purebred or mutt, exotic or domestic, eventually that same constant sidekick will need to be bathed. The responsible pet owner will now need to determine if it is time to bring in the pet grooming professionals or to attempt this project under their own discretion.

If the house pet happens to be a cat, many individuals feel that bathing is an unnecessary undertaking. True, a cat will commonly clean themselves to the best of their ability, however environmental and household conditions can determine the need for a full bath. Store-brand cat litter can often hold odor more discerningly than that of premium quality. This litter box odor eventually begins to permeate the general smell of the family pet. Upon noticing this condition, the cat owner will need to "freshen" the feline. This can be best achieved by pouring baking soda under lukewarm running water into a large sink or washtub. Once the baking soda has dissolved, carefully grasp two of the cat's paws in one hand, while doing the same with the other paws. Slowly lower the feline into the waiting water. The owner must take care in their own demeanor and remain calm and soothing during this process.

Most cats will not take kindly to this treatment, especially if it is a new pet grooming experience, and some may holler about the indignity of the situation. Contrary to the cat's belief, the experience should not be too upsetting and fortunately, upon becoming dry, most cats will eventually forgive their offending owner. If, however, the cat has been exposed to other items such as grease, or tree sap, the owner will need to perform a full bath complete with mild shampoo. If kitty has not had the experience of the "freshening" or other assisted bathing, this may be the time to contact a pet grooming expert as their facilities are better equipped to accommodate the angry and easily antagonized feline.

The family dog will also need bathing, although on a more regular basis than the feline family members. A small dog may be cleaned easily in the kitchen sink as the spray attachment is a perfect tool for rinsing. Thoroughly wet the animal's coat, and apply a liberal amount of mild pet shampoo. Quality shampoos are available in many discount stores and a full-line pet store can provide additional choices for specific problems such as fleas, ticks, or dry skin problems. After lathering the coat, it is essential to remove all residue of the shampoo.

The animal must be rinsed with clean water numerous times to ensure that no soap is left on the skin. A longer haired animal might now benefit from the use of a conditioner. The use of this product will leave the coat silky, shiny, and smelling pleasant, in addition, conditioner provides another avenue for insuring that all shampoo residues has been removed. After bathing, the pet owner will find that brushing will be must easier when facilitated with this product.

If the pet is of the short or wire-haired variety, the owner will find that a final rinse with a mixture of one-half gallon of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar will effectively remove any residual soap and give the coat a healthy glow. If bathing is part of your pet grooming regime, be confident with your skills or call a pet grooming expert.

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