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Traveling With a Ferret

Are you planning a trip? Are you taking your ferret along? Before you do, there are certain things that you must know. Traveling with a ferret is different than traveling with a cat or a dog.

First, if you are taking a car trip, your ferret will enjoy going, but he will have pent up energy that he needs to burn. Make sure that you bring along a harness and leash, and that you plan frequent stops for your ferret to stretch his legs. Make sure that you bring along a small traveling cage (you won't want him loose in the car), food, water, and a small litter box as well.

If you are traveling by air, note that not all airlines will transport a ferret, and your pet ferret may not be welcomed in all countries. In fact, even in the United States, there are laws against the possession of ferrets in some cities - even if you are just visiting. Make sure that you call the game and fish department of your destination city to be sure that your ferret is welcome.

Next, call the airline. Make sure that your ferret can travel on that airline, and inquire about anything that you may need to do to get your pet accepted for transport. If you are going to another country, make sure that you are aware of the laws regarding ferrets, and the laws regarding the admittance of any pet into the country.

As of this writing, pets are allowed in the cargo area of Luxair, Northwest Airlines, and Air Canada. They are allowed in the cabin on Delta Airlines. Ferrets are not welcome on Ryanair, Southwest Airlines, or US Airways.

Regarding import laws, your ferret will not be allowed to enter Australia or Japan. A ferret may be brought into Canada, as long as it is originating from the United States. Otherwise, a Permit to Import is required from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Ferrets are also allowed in Europe.

In the United States, ferrets are not allowed in Hawaii or California. Pets are not allowed in the cities of Washington D.C or New York City either. There are many other smaller cities that have ordinances against ferrets, and again, you should call ahead to find out what the law is before you travel with your ferret.

If you cannot bring your ferret along, you can contact your veterinarian about finding a kennel for your ferret while you are gone. Note, however, that any separation from you will upset your ferret, making him feel abandoned. Take him with you if it is possible and if not, put him in his cage, and ask a trusted friend to come by daily to check on him or ask them to stay at your house and ferret-sit. At least in this way, the ferret will remain in familiar surroundings, which is a great deal less stressful to him.

When traveling with your ferret, make sure that you inquire about the size of the carrier needed (for airlines), and carry your ferrets vaccination records with you, as well as medical records for any conditions that he might have, in case he needs emergency care.

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