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General Ferret Care

If you adopt a ferret, be a responsible pet owner, and be prepared to care for it. Ferrets do require some special care. Dogs are easily taken to a groomer, and there are some pet groomers that will take ferrets as clients, but this can get expensive. Instead, you can provide general care for your ferret.

Never bath a ferret too often. They have natural oils that keep their skin healthy, and over-bathing them can dry out their skin and cause irritations. Some people bath their ferrets once a week. This is fine, but really still too much. Ideally, your ferret will need to be bathed about once or twice a month. You should use baby shampoo that will not irritate his eyes. Also note that ferrets groom themselves just like cats do.

For the treatment of fleas on ferrets, you should consult your veterinarian. Ferrets can be treated with the same flea medicine that kittens are treated with, but should never be subjected to any chemical before checking with the vet.

Your ferret may need his nails clipped once a month or so. They are generally cooperative when you are doing this, and you can hand them a toy to play with while they are getting their nails clipped. Look at the nail closely. The pink area is where the quick of the nail starts. You don't want to trim down into the quick.

Ferrets need their teeth cleaned regularly. You should brush their teeth about once a week. Check your local pet store for ferret toothpaste. This special toothpaste can be ingested by the ferret without causing harm. You can purchase a baby toothbrush for your ferret's teeth. When you clean his teeth, inspect them for chips or breaks. If you find a problem, get him to the vet - it probably hurts.

You can use a cotton swab, dipped in peroxide to wipe out your ferrets ears. A good time to do this is after a bath. Make sure that you are not sticking the swab too far down into the ferret's ear, or you could damage his eardrum.

Ferrets do not typically require brushing - but they sure do like it anyway. Purchase a cat brush for your ferret, and give him love and attention at least once a week with a good brushing. Like humans, it will stimulate the blood flow to the skin, making his skin and fur appear healthier.

Pay close attention to your ferrets eating habits and bathroom habits. If your ferret has a change in appetite, urination, or bowel movements, you must contact your veterinarian right away. A sick ferret needs treatment fast - it won't wait.

Ferrets are prone to certain illnesses. They need to be clean, and their bedding and common areas also need to be cleaned often. Wash all bedding at least once a week, and make sure that you scoop the litter box daily, providing fresh litter once a week as well. Also, give food and water dishes a good washing weekly, making sure that you rinse the soap away well.

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