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Think about how much you love your ferret. When you talk to friends, you tell them all of the cute things that your ferret does, and want to talk to them about any concerns that you may have regarding your ferret. One thing becomes abundantly clear - those non-ferret owners just don't get it. You need people who know and love ferrets as much as you do!

Luckily, there are actual ferret clubs in many areas. They hold regular meetings, and the ferrets are perfectly welcome to attend as well. Some ferret clubs even hold shows on a regular basis, even though there are not nationally or internationally recognized show competitions for ferrets as of yet.

Ferret clubs are great places to learn information regarding ferrets - especially about various health and care issues. You can also join in the movement to help non-ferret owners and state and local governments understand ferrets and are more accepting of them. Ferret clubs often work to legalize the ownership of ferrets in cities where they are currently banned because of misinformation.

Ferret clubs are also a great place to locate a ferret when you want to adopt one. They often work at sheltering homeless ferrets, and in finding homes for those ferrets. You can also swap your ferret stories and concerns with people who love ferrets as much as you do. Nobody other than another ferret lover can appreciate the cute and interesting things that your ferret does.

If there is not a ferret club in your local area, don't despair. You can also get in touch with other ferret owners and lovers on the Internet. There are numerous active forums for ferret lovers. They hold regular chats as well, and the exchange of information is amazing. You can literally meet people from around the world who share your interest in ferrets.

Websites that have ferret forums often also have databases of ferret owners, ferret information, and even veterinarians who work well with ferrets. Many sites also offer free, informative newsletters to their site members, and many of these sites are free to join.

While the online resources are fabulous, you should also still seek out a local ferret club. When you meet other members who live locally, you can also exchange ferret sitting favors with them when you must travel. After you've had a chance to meet the ferrets and get to know their owners, you will be able to know that you are leaving your ferret in good, experienced hands when you must go out of town.

You will get to know the ferrets and owners at ferret play days that most clubs hold. Many ferret clubs 'both online and offline ' also offer their members numerous discounts on ferret products and services as well.

While many online ferret clubs do not charge a fee for membership, most offline clubs will in order to keep the club going. Luckily, the cost of membership is affordable to all, with yearly fees being between $20 and $50 depending on the area that you live in.

Pet Owner Club
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