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You're Yorkshire Terriers Unique Personality

Among all of the Yorkshire Terriers in the world, yours will be unique. Yorkshire Terriers do have traits that are common to their breed, but again, while your Yorkshire Terrier will have those traits, he will also have traits that truly are unique to him. This is what makes these little dogs so special.

Most Yorkshire Terriers are very energetic, very curious, and quite bold. A typical Yorkshire Terrier seemingly pays no attention to size when it comes to other animals. They see themselves as ten feet tall. For this reason, it is important to keep a close eye on your Yorkie when he comes into contact with other animals, and hold him when he is in the presence of larger animals.

Most Yorkshire Terriers are not shy, as a general rule however you're Yorkshire Terrier may be initially shy around strangers, but should be his usual energetic self within minutes of meeting a stranger. Don't think, however, that he won't be protective. Like most dogs, your Yorkie will have a strong sense of what situation is right, and what situation is wrong. For example, if someone breaks into your home, your Yorkshire Terrier will know that this situation isn't right and feeling ten feet tall, he will try to defend your property, as well as you.

The longer you own your Yorkshire Terrier, the more you will come to understand his barks, his growls, his whines, and even his facial expressions. These are all a part of his unique personality. You will know how your dog acts when he is hungry or thirsty, how he acts when he is tired, and how he acts when he wants to play. You may even know how he acts when he wants to play a specific game.

Don't be at all surprised if your Yorkshire Terrier seems to like one member of your family better than others. It isn't really that he doesn't like the other members; it simply means that he prefers the company of the one that he sticks with the most. This also does not mean that he doesn't feel just as protective of the other members of the family. Usually the person that seems to be the dog's favorite is the one that spends the most time with him, giving him the greatest amount of attention.

Like small children, Yorkshire Terriers and most other dogs think that the world centers on them or revolves around them. They simply do not understand when things can't or won't go their way. As the parent or the dog's owner in this case, you must be grown up enough and responsible enough to understand that he doesn't understand, and make the situation as easy on the dog as possible.

Continual stress can change the personality of your dog. Like a child, your Yorkshire Terrier wants to feel safe and secure, and a steady routine is a big part of this. Try to set a normal daily schedule when your dog is young, and do all that you can do to stick to it. Your Yorkie will learn that schedule, and he will come to depend on it, which only adds to the sureness he feels in himself, which in turn contributes to his unique personality.

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