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Yorkshire Terriers - Small Dogs with Huge Price Tags

Yorkshire Terriers are the second most popular dog in the United States, with the Labrador retriever being the most popular. This essentially means that the Yorkshire Terrier is actually the most popular small dog in the United States. Is this popularity why they cost so much?Yorkshire Terriers can cost as little as $450 and as high as $5000 or even $6000. For such small dogs, those are pretty steep prices. Usually, the females cost more than the males, and puppies that are parented by champions cost thousands of dollars, if they also conform to all of the breed standards and have the markings of a champion.

The lower priced Yorkshire Terriers typically are not show quality, and do not have parents who are champions. They may also be the result of backyard breeding, meaning that special precautions were not taken when choosing the breeding stock. These cheaper Yorkshire Terriers, however, are pet quality dogs. Therefore, if you plan to show your dog, you can expect to pay upwards of $2500, while if all you seek is a pet you can expect to pay between $450 and $600.

Aside from the cost of acquiring the Yorkshire Terrier, there will be other expenses that you must pay, both initially, and throughout the dog's life. Initial costs include an exam by the veterinarian as well as age appropriate vaccinations. Many vaccinations and an exam will be performed by a veterinarian at the breeder's expense before the dog goes to live with you.

Spaying and neutering is usually also handled by the breeder, and some breeders will even have the Yorkshire Terrier puppy microchipped for you, at their expense. However, if the Yorkshire Terrier has not been microchipped or altered, these are expenses that you will incur. Your Yorkie will also require yearly visits to the veterinarian, and some veterinarians prefer twice yearly exams.

On top of these expenses, you must also provide your Yorkshire Terrier with quality toys and bedding. His toys and bedding will need to be replaced often, as they begin to wear out. Toys and bedding, however, are some of the cheapest expenses that you will have, combined with the food that you feed your Yorkshire Terrier.

Your Yorkie will need regular grooming. Yorkshire Terriers can be groomed at home, but because they do have long hair, you might consider taking him to the groomer at least once every three months. If you will not be grooming him yourself, however, you must take him to the groomer once a month. If you will be doing your own grooming, you must purchase the appropriate grooming tools.

Finally, you must be prepared to cover medical emergencies. Experts advise having a fund with approximately $500 in it for medical emergencies. You might also want to consider purchasing and maintaining pet insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier. As you can see, the cost of these wonderful dogs goes beyond their initial cost. It is a lifelong expense.

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