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When you consider acquiring a Yorkshire Terrier, you will most likely begin by searching out quality breeders in your area, as well as in other areas of the United States and Canada. However, you might want to consider acquiring your Yorkshire Terrier from a Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Group instead.

There are numerous reasons for adopting a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue group. Most of the dogs available through a Yorkshire Terrier rescue organization will be adult dogs that somehow found themselves without a home. The reason for this usually has to do with the past owners living situation, and rarely has to do with any bad behavior on the dog's part.

First and foremost, when you adopt a Yorkshire Terrier through a rescue organization, you will be saving the dogs life. Each year more than 7 million adult dogs are killed, and approximately one quarter of those is purebred dogs. Many people feel that adopting a puppy from a breeder is actually cruel when you consider the number of purebred dogs available for adoption. However people generally want puppies, which put these rescued dogs at even greater risk.

However, when you open your home to an adult Yorkshire Terrier who has been in foster care or in a rescue home, you will have an instant friend, and you will most likely have a Yorkie who is already housebroken, as well as one that knows a trick or two. Most rescue operations will not allow a Yorkshire Terrier to be adopted before it has been housebroken and had at least basic training.

You will also be getting a Yorkshire Terrier that is in excellent health, and in the worst case scenario, if a dog has health problems, you will be made fully aware of those problems before you adopt the dog. With an adult dog, you won't have to go through the terror and havoc that a puppy can bring to your home. You won't deal with nights of howling. You won't deal with messes on the floor. You won't deal with chewed up shoes, belts, or furniture. Your new Yorkshire Terrier will be trained and past his terrible two' stage.

This is one of the many reasons that people choose an adult Yorkshire Terrier through a rescue operation over a cute little puppy from a breeder. They simply don't have the time or the patience to deal with a puppy ?which is very time consuming. They may not want those hassles, but they do want a dog, and a rescue operation enables this wish to come true.

Among those who have adopted from rescue centers, the majority will agree that the dogs that they rescued are more loving and loyal than a dog that they acquired as a puppy. It seems that these adult dogs know that they have been rescued, and they show their love and appreciation to their new owners each and every day.

Another reason to adopt your Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue operation is that it is often a great deal cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder. In some cases, the background of the Yorkie isn't known, so you may not have registration papers or a pedigree, but you will have a friend for life.

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