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Which Type of Yorkshire Terrier Should You Adopt?

When you start looking at ads to find a Yorkshire Terrier, it is easy to become quickly confused. You will see ads that offer Toy Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkie-Poos, Morkies, and even Parti-Colored Yorkies. Which one should you adopt?

First, let's clear up some misconceptions. While there are numerous different types of Terriers, there is only one type of purebred Yorkshire Terrier. If a Yorkie is advertised as a toy or miniature, this does not mean that the breeder is breeding a special kind of Yorkie. This means that the Yorkie in question is smaller than average.

There are, however, Yorkie hybrids, such as the York-Poo, which is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle, or Morkies, which is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. These are considered Designer Dogs, and most reputable breeders do not breed these dogs. Instead, they only breed purebred Yorkshire Terriers.

The Parti-Colored Yorkshire Terrier is a purebred Yorkie, but it is considered flawed by the AKC breed standard, and would never be allowed to enter in shows. Of course, this doesn't mean that he's not healthy, and that he won't make an excellent pet. However, he should not cost more than other Yorkies because of his color. In fact, he should actually cost less because he is considered 'flawed' among breeders.

No reputable breeder purposely tries to breed toy or miniature Yorkies because it is believed that there may be greater health concerns with such small dogs. Such small dogs are rarely bred. In fact, a good breeder will not breed a female that weighs less than five pounds. Again, this doesn't mean that a toy Yorkie won't be healthy. It does, however, mean that you shouldn't try to breed a toy Yorkie. Toy or Miniature Yorkshire Terriers are allowed to enter shows, as long as they meet the breed standard concerning shape, coat, and other breed details. There are no weight and size minimums; however there is a weight maximum of seven pounds.

Now that those misconceptions have been cleared up, you can still seek out a toy or miniature Yorkshire Terrier, if you prefer the smaller dog. You should not, however, pay more for such a dog than you would pay for a regular sized Yorkshire Terrier. Again, Parti-colored Yorkies should cost less, but toy or miniature Yorkies should cost the same as regular sized Yorkies, providing that they meet all other breed standards. Just as you can seek out a toy or miniature Yorkshire Terrier, you can also seek out a Parti-Colored Yorkie or a Yorkie Hybrid if that is what you prefer.

You just need to be aware that if a purebred Yorkie is what you seek, a hybrid will not do. As stated, while there are many different types of Terriers, there is and can only be one type of purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

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