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Spaying and Neutering for Yorkshire Terriers

In most cases, when you acquire a Yorkshire Terrier from a breeder, that puppy will already be spayed or neutered. There are many reasons why breeders spay and neuter the puppies before selling them. Even if your Yorkshire Terrier puppy is not spayed or neutered before coming to live with you, in most cases, the breeder will have a contract with you that require you to have the dog altered by the time that it is a certain age.Spaying and neutering is usually done in the veterinarian's office. You must call ahead for an appointment, and you will be asked to prevent your Yorkshire Terrier from eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before. Some veterinarians ask that you bring the animal to the office the evening before the procedure, where he is kept in a kennel overnight.

Your Yorkshire Terrier will be put to sleep with anesthesia, and will feel nothing during the procedure. He will be required to stay at the veterinarian's office until the anesthesia has worn off, at which time you will be allowed to bring him home. In many cases, by the time you pick him or her up from the veterinarians office, you won't be able to tell, by the way the animal acts, that any procedure has been performed at all. Dogs and cats get over it rather quickly.

If your Yorkshire Terrier is not already spayed or neutered before it leaves the breeder, you should plan to do this when the dog is between the ages of six and nine months. It isn't wise to wait any longer than this, although it can be done earlier.

By spaying or neutering your Yorkie, you are actually doing the dog a favor. Research has shown that altered animals tend to live longer and remain healthier than those who are not altered. An altered animal is not at risk for many types of cancer. This will also prevent females from going into heat, which can be excruciating for you and the animal, and it will prevent males from marking their territory with urine sprays all over your home as well.

After your Yorkshire Terriers procedure, your veterinarian will give you instructions as to the care of the site of the incision. Sometimes female dogs are given surgical collars to wear, which will prevent them from licking or biting the sutures. For the most part, however, it is wise to leave the animal alone after you bring him home. He or she will not want to be in your lap, or have you all over him. Let him come to you when he is ready.

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