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How Much Exercise Does Your Yorkshire Terrier Need?

Yorkshire Terriers are extremely energetic dogs. They are so energetic that you may not think that they need any additional exercise. This isn't necessarily so. While he may be energetic, he may still not be getting the proper amount of exercise. But, how much exercise does he need outside of his normal energetic activities?

Ideally, you should walk your Yorkshire Terrier at least once a day, for about thirty minutes. If you can fit two thirty minute walks in a day, it will be even better for the Yorkie and yourself. He should be walked on a leash, and you should have two or three established routes that you follow. Once he knows those routes, however, he will still need to be on a leash.

Your Yorkie needs time and space to run. Playing indoors is great, but he also needs outdoor exercise, aside from walking. If you have a fenced in yard, this is great. Otherwise, take him to a park where dogs are allowed to run free. Play chase with him, throw his ball, or throw a small Frisbee for him. Make sure that he gets time and space to run at least once a week for thirty minutes to an hour.

Many show Yorkies are taught to run obstacle courses for Rally competitions. Whether you will show your Yorkie or not doesn't matter. You should set up some type of obstacle course in your yard and teach your Yorkie to run it for the exercise if nothing else. The obstacle course should include jumping, running, balance, and crawling. This gives your Yorkie an allover workout.

Allow him to use his keen senses and exercise those as well. Hide his toys, and allow him to sniff them out and find them. Hide and make small noises and let him use his ears and nose to find you. Senses need exercise just like the bones and muscles do.

Yorkshire Terriers are just like other animals in terms of expressing pain or discomfort. When you exercise your dog, you should be on the lookout for potential problems that he may be trying to hide. For example, he may not jump as vigorously as he once did. This could be age, but it could also be that he is feeling pain when he lands. If your Yorkie avoids exercises that he once did without a problem, you need to find out why. Take him to the veterinarian.

Yorkshire Terriers are small and cute. When many people think of these dogs, they picture them sitting in a lap, poking their head out of a purse, or riding in the car with their owner. There is a great deal more to these dogs than that. Again, these dogs have a great deal of energy, and they need exercise. Make sure that your Yorkie is getting the exercise that he needs, and discuss the amount of exercise that your particular Yorkshire Terrier needs with his veterinarian.

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