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Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier

You wouldn't think that such small dogs had such special dietary needs, but Yorkshire Terriers really do have special nutritional needs, and they are indeed very picky eaters.

Most Yorkshire Terrier owners do not purchase commercial dog food for their beloved pets. Instead, these special dogs are fed the same foods that people eat. Favorite foods include chicken and beef, as well as a variety of green vegetables, milk, and bread. All foods should be free of preservatives, organic if possible, and all meats should be thoroughly cooked.

You should ask your veterinarian how much your Yorkshire Terrier should eat, and how often. If a Yorkshire puppy goes too long without eating, he has a very high chance of suffering from Hypoglycemia. Ideally, your Yorkshire Terrier will be fed three times a day, with a snack in the evening.

Your veterinarian may inquire as to exactly what you are feeding your Yorkie, so that he can determine which supplements your dog may need. No supplements of vitamin C should be given to a Yorkshire Terrier, and you do not need to feed him foods rich in vitamin C either. For the most part, you should try to provide all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that your Yorkshire Terrier needs through the food that he eats.

Cooking for your Yorkshire Terrier is not time consuming. Most Yorkie owners prepare food for the week within a couple of hours, and then store that food in the refrigerator. You can heat the food in the microwave or on the stove ?or simply allow the portion he is about to eat to come to room temperature before serving it to him.

Water, of course, is essential. While you do not want to make food freely available to your Yorkshire Terrier, you absolutely must provide a steady supply of fresh water. Your Yorkie will be very energetic, and can easily become dehydrated if fresh water is not continually available.

The best food dishes will be made of durable plastic or glass. Do not use crockery type bowls, as bacteria from food can seep into the pores, and eventually make your dog ill. Wash his water bowl once a day, and wash his food bowl after each meal. Make sure that you rinse the dishes well, so that no soap residue remains.

Be prepared for the pickiness, and make sure that you pay attention to what your dog is and is not eating. If a Yorkie doesn't like some of the food in his bowl, he will push that food to the side, and eat the foods that he likes around it. Again, pay attention to what he isn't eating, so that you can exchange that particular food with one that is equal in terms of vitamins and minerals.

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