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Entertaining Your Yorkshire Terrier

When you get a Yorkshire Terrier, it probably won't occur to you that these energetic little dogs must be entertained, or they will find trouble. Are you prepared for the time that it takes to keep your Yorkshire Terrier entertained?

Start by making sure that your Yorkshire Terrier has enough quality toys. There should be toys to chase and toys to simply gnaw on. Some owners give their Yorkshire Terriers even more comfort by providing them with soft toys that they simply hug, clean, or sleep with. Try to choose toys that are well made, and those that won't be destroyed easily.

Next, be prepared to enjoy those toys with your Yorkshire Terrier. You should play games that have him jumping, running, and even games that have him crawling. Remember that these little dogs may be full of energy, but they still require full body workouts in order to stay in shape.

Your Yorkshire Terrier is not only full of energy, but he is also highly intelligent. This means that you must occupy his body as well as his mind. Teach him tricks, and have him perform those tricks daily. Teach him the names of his toys, and have him pick certain toys 'by name' out of his toy box. Throw his ball and have him bring it back to you and drop it at your feet.

There are some experts who say that a dog cannot see images on a television, while there are others that swear that dogs can see those images, although not in color. If you've ever watched your dog watch television, you will most likely agree with the later group. Regardless of whether or not he can see images, he can certainly hear. Therefore, if you will be leaving your Yorkshire Terrier alone for several hours, you might consider turning on the television or stereo for him, so that he doesn't feel quite so alone.

Be sure to take your Yorkshire Terrier on walks daily, and spend time with him playing outdoors as well. You should teach him to walk on a leash at a young age, and teach him basic commands such as come, sit, fetch, lay, heel, and stay. Some owners build obstacles courses, similar to courses used in shows, and teach their dogs to run those courses.

There will be times when your Yorkshire Terrier is content to nap beside you, but you must be prepared to fill the other times of his life - when he is not content to lie quietly. Remember that if you aren't providing entertainment for him, he will find his own entertainment, and this will usually involve the destruction of some of your other prized possessions.

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