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Breed Standards for the Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkshire Terrier, or plan on getting one in the near future, you know how special these energetic little dogs are. However, not all Yorkshire Terriers meet the breed standards that have been set by the American Kennel Clubs (AKC). This, however, does not make them any less purebred than those that do meet the breed standards. Meeting the breed standard for his breed means that your dog is essentially ?perfect.' He doesn't have any flaws. You might compare it to having the perfect human body as compared to being out of shape, or having a nose that is too big, or eyes that are set too far apart.

Although not all owners allow the Yorkshire Terriers hair to grow long, if he will be competing in shows, this is a requirement, as it is part of the breed standard. The coat must be blue and tan. The hair on the face must be parted, and the hair should also be parted in the middle, from the end of the tail all the way up to the base of his skull. His body must be small, and well proportioned.

Your Yorkshire Terrier should hold his head high, and it should be flat on top. The skull must not be too rounded, and his muzzle should be short as well. He must not have an overbite or an under bite. The Yorkshire Terriers nose should be black, and his eyes should be medium sized. The eyes should be a dark color, and have an intelligent look. His teeth must be in good condition. The eyes should also have dark rims around them, and his ears must form a V, and be erect. The ears must not be set too far apart.

The Yorkshire Terriers body is small, and the back should be short. He should be the same height at his shoulders and his rear, with a level back. The feet and legs should be straight and not bowed at all. The feet should be round, and the toenails should be black. Although it is not required, dewclaws are usually removed from the hind legs, as well as the forelegs. The Yorkshire Terriers tail should be docked, and medium length and it should be held higher than the back.

Your Yorkshire Terriers hair should be glossy and silky, without any waves or curls. It is allowed to be longer than floor length, but most owners trim their Yorkies hair to floor length to make it easier on the animal. The hair on the tips of the ears and on the feet is typically trimmed shorter. The blue color in the coat should be a steel blue. In the tan and blue coat, there should not be any black hair. Your Yorkshire Terrier should not weigh more than seven pounds.

Finally, your Yorkshire Terrier will be disqualified from dog shows that are sanctioned by the AKC if he is a solid color or any combination of colors other than blue and tan. He is allowed to have a small white mark on his chest, but that mark must not be larger than one inch.

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