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Dressing Up Your Yorkshire Terrier

Many people who are not knowledgeable about the breed simply cannot tell one Yorkshire Terrier apart from another Yorkshire Terrier of the same age and size, with the same haircut. Although Yorkshire Terrier lovers around the world can easily tell the difference between two seemingly identical dogs, owners do enjoy dressing their Yorkshire Terriers up a bit.

Most Yorkshire Terrier owners do a topknot on top of the Yorkies head, and put a bow on it. This is acceptable for male and female Yorkshire Terriers, and it helps to hold their long hair up out of their face, and out of their food. Therefore, it has a utility purpose other than just looking cute. You should have a variety of hair bows for your Yorkie, and put a fresh bow on his topknot, or just above both of his ears, each day.

It is not uncommon for male dogs to wear bandanas around their necks. Make sure that your Yorkies bandana is not so tight that it is uncomfortable or dangerous for him, and not so loose that it will hinder his movements. You can buy human bandanas for this, or bandanas designed especially for dogs in a variety of colors and patterns.

Smaller dogs get cold easier and have a harder time warming up. Therefore, for winter weather, you should definitely have a wide selection of sweaters for your Yorkshire Terrier to wear around the house. Even if he doesn't like them, put a sweater on him when you take him outdoors in the winter time.

Some Yorkshire Terriers have need of stockings for their hind legs. This is because Yorkies are prone to skin irritations, which they only make worse when they scratch. If this is the case, you can use human socks, or you can purchase a variety of stockings designed for small dogs from pet stores or online sources.

Many owners really dress their female Yorkshire Terriers to the nines. They purchase dresses and even top and skirt combinations with matching hair bows. If you do want to dress your Yorkshire Terrier up, make sure that you are not causing the dog any discomfort. Not all clothing is comfortable for these dogs. Make sure that nothing is too tight or too loose, and that nothing is hindering his movements or daily activities.

Finally, wash your Yorkshire Terriers clothes often. Do not use laundry soap that you use for your own clothes. Instead, select laundry detergent that is designed for baby clothes, as this type of detergent has fewer perfumes and such that can irritate your Yorkshire Terriers skin.

One final tip - if you start dressing your Yorkshire Terrier when he is a baby, he will actually come to like his clothing. In fact, he will miss it when it isn't there, and may actually 'request' that you dress him.

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