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What Is a Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine Coon Cat is a domestic breed of cat. In fact, it is one of the largest domestic cats in existence, and is characterized with a bushy tail, which is usually striped and long fur. The Maine Coon Cat is native to North America. In fact, it is believed that the Maine Coon is actually native to the state of Maine, and the Maine Coon is the Maine State Cat.

The Maine Coon has been around for more than a century, and it is believed that their physical design enables them to withstand the harsh winters of New England. Everything from their overall size, to the shape of their paws, to the thickness of their fur makes them suitable animals for harsh winter weather. Furthermore, their fur has a water resistant quality to it.

There are numerous legends associated with this special breed of domestic cat. Some are possible, while others simply are not. Some believe that Maine Coon Cats came into existence when domestic cats and raccoons mated. However, this is not possible – and therefore, not considered to be true by experts. One legend that is more likely, however, is that Maine Coon Cats came into existence when short haired native cats mated with cats that the Vikings brought over. This legend is more possible, because the Maine Coon appears to be closely related to the Norwegian Forest Cat.

The Maine Coon Cats of today would not have been considered as a part of the breed at one time. Only brown tabbies were referred to as Maine Coon Cats, and any ‘Maine Coon’ of a different color was referred to as a Maine Shag Cat. Cat experts largely agree that the Maine Coon is a product of mating between short haired domestic cats with long hair cats from overseas, at a time when people began migrating from Europe.

Maine Coon Cats also have unique personalities. They are often likened to dogs in fact. Unlike most cat breeds, the Maine Coon is highly sociable with humans and other pets. These cats will actually run to you when you call them, and are likely to be sitting at the door waiting for you when you arrive home. They do like a lot of love and attention.

Maine Coons were once a favorite among those who participated in early cat shows – as far back as 1861, but in the 1900’s, Persians came onto the scene, and the Maine Coon lost a bit of popularity. They once again started gaining popularity in the 1950s. The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association were formed in 1968, by six breeders. The purpose of the organization was to preserve and protect the Maine Coon Cat breed. This breed of domestic cat was not recognized by all cat registries, however, until 1980.

Today, there are thousands of people who own, show and adore the Maine Coon Cat. The MCBFA, which was founded so long ago, by just six breeders, now has a membership of over 200 breeders, with approximately 2000 other members (non-breeders) as well.

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