Rabbit Care

How To Rabbit Proof Your Home

Ok, admittedly it’s impossible to completely rabbit proof your home. The only way to do that is not to have a rabbit. But there are many ways to tip the odds in your favor without getting rid of Binky. The first thing is to remember Bacon’s famous dictum: Nature, to […]

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Rabbit Breeding Guidelines

‘They breed like rabbits’ is a familiar phrase. And it’s true. Rabbits are prolific. As prey for a wide variety of predators in the wild, the species survived, in part, by producing many offspring. But that ease and number can represent a problem for pet owners. Breeding is best left […]

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Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

Like cats, rabbits pride themselves on cleanliness, that is why it is so easy to teach them to use the litter box. They spend several hours a day keeping grooming themselves, maintaining the quality of their skin and coat. Just because your pet rabbit spends a large amount of its […]

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Rabbit Care and Tips

Pets complete a home for single people and families. Children often desire pets more than adults do as they think animals are cute and fun to have. Adults of course know the work required. Like any pet, rabbits need care. They need to go to the vet, get feed daily, […]

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