Snakes As Reptile Pets

Most common snakes kept as pets in the reptile category are the corn snakes and the Royal Python. Pythons do have teeth and will bite even though they kill their food by constriction. A python can possibly live to be 40 years old when conditions are right and has been […]

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Rattlers – The Dangerous Reptiles!

Snakes are probably the reptiles that fascinate and repel us the most. One of the most visited booths at any outdoor show is the reptile area, with the little kids standing around and squealing at one special area – the area where the rattlesnakes are kept. Milking rattlesnakes has been […]

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Reptilian Pets: The Snake Every Boys Dream Pet

Most girls and moms have an adverse reaction to having a snake or any other dangerous animal as a pet, however with proper care and the correct selection even those with aversions can become quite fascinated by the snake as a pet. The key is to do a lot of […]

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Exotic Pet Snakes

Snakes are limbless, cold-blooded and scaly reptiles belonging to the order of Squamata. Keeping snakes as pets can be easy only if their requirements are understood deeply. Their needs are different from other reptiles. Owners must also understand that some of them grow very large and can become dangerous with […]

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