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Your Eclectus Parrot and Toxic Materials

Eclectus parrots are highly social, and extremely healthy. Maybe it is their overall good health that makes us forget that they can be killed by toxic materials. The most innocent things can be extremely deadly for Eclectus parrots, and it is vital to their continued longevity that you know what those toxic threats are.

First, as much as you may love your non-stick cookware, if you use it in your home where your parrot lives, you are putting his life in jeopardy. The Teflon in this cookware emits a toxin that can literally kill your Eclectus parrot in minutes.

You must also be aware of Teflon in bread machines and toaster ovens, and also realize that self-cleaning ovens also emit toxins that can kill your beloved bird. This means that you must go back to old-fashioned cookware, and manually cleaning your oven in order to protect your Eclectus parrot.

This isn't the only thing that is toxic to your bird. You should also avoid the use of aerosol cleansers. In fact, most experts agree that you should avoid the use of aerosol products, no matter what they are for, if you have an Eclectus parrot in the home. Obviously, cleaning supplies are a danger to your parrot. Many of them are only toxic if they are ingested, but some are toxic if the fumes are inhaled as well.

You must also be aware of toxic foods. Chocolate, greasy foods, avocados, alcohol, and caffeine are all toxic for Eclectus parrots. Don't assume that he is safe as long as you don't give him these foods. He may find them lying about, and help himself. He doesn't know any better. For example, if you have chocolates in a bowl, even if they are foil wrapped, he is perfectly capable of unwrapping them and eating them and he will.

Other products that could be harmful or toxic to your Eclectus parrot include bleach, dish detergent, coffee grounds, leather sprays, tea tree oil, thermometers that contain mercury, aluminum foil and cooking bags, epoxy glue, most essential oils, all types of pesticides in their various forms, plant food and fertilizer, carpet freshener, plug in air fresheners, spray air fresheners, mothballs, cigarettes, cigarette smoke, medications, antifreeze, flea treatments, linoleum, film, potpourri oils, certain plants, personal care products, play dough, matches, pine oil cleansers, and spray starch.

For the safety of your bird, you should consider using only natural, non-toxic cleansers in your home. Even something as simple as commercial furniture polish can be harmful. These days, in an effort to clean up and save the environment, there are many natural products on the market, so you won't have any trouble replacing your harsh and harmful cleansers. Not only will you be protecting your Eclectus parrot, you will also be doing your part in protecting the environment. You may even be surprised that you and your family are healthier as well.

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