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What is so special about Eclectus Parrots?

If you ask Eclectus parrot owners if their birds are more special than other species, almost all of them will tell you that the Eclectus parrot is the most special bird in the world. In fact, this is the most popular choice of aviary pet in the entire world, and it isn?t any wonder.First, these are incredibly beautiful birds, but this is not necessarily what sets them apart. They are, however, the most vibrantly colored of all parrots. But these birds are also highly social. They really like humans, and become true companions, while most other species never actually warm up to human contact. Eclectus parrots, however, are really tuned into our moods and feelings, once they know and trust us. They actually develop a bond with their humans.

The Eclectus parrot has amazing talking abilities. In fact, it is believed that they have the clearest speech patterns, and that they are capable of learning the most varied vocabulary of all other talking birds. These birds say words, phrases, sing, and even make sound effects. These birds have been known to imitate running water, microwaves, doorbells, telephones, sneezing sounds, and even to sing opera. They can even laugh. This unique talking ability of the Eclectus parrot seems to give them more personality than other species. Furthermore, the males have masculine voices, and the females have feminine voices.

Eclectus parrots are also highly intelligent. They can easily be trained to follow commands, and they can even be potty trained, so to speak. The limitations as to what they can be trained to do or say is dependant on what their owners teach them, and how often they work with them.

The Eclectus parrot is considered to be one of the neatest parrots, and in spite of his talking abilities, one of the least noisy birds. These birds don't toss their food about like others do. There won't be a lot of squawking and screaming with an Eclectus parrot, unless he isn't handled enough and he develops behavioral problems.

The Eclectus parrots don't produce feather dust, which is a welcome relief to bird lovers who have allergies. These birds have an oil gland, instead of a dust gland, and you might consider them to be hypoallergenic birds. Eclectus parrots are really very interested in their humans, and will watch their movements closely. They want to know what you are doing.

If you asked an Eclectus owner what they loved the most about their bird, they would probably ask you what there was to not love. The fact is that this is the most loveable, docile bird that one can have. They become the most loyal of pets, and before long, you could consider your Eclectus parrot to be your best friend in the whole world.

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