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Selecting an Eclectus Parrot Breeder

Once you've made the decision to adopt an Eclectus parrot, you need to find a breeder. You could purchase your Eclectus parrot at a pet store, but this is generally not advised. The healthiest and happiest birds come from private, experienced breeders. Here is a list of questions you should ask breeders.

Do you breed your pairs year-round? If a breeder breeds their females back to back, this doesn't produce the healthiest of chicks. Consider another breeder, as this one has little regard for the health of these beautiful birds.

How many years have you been breeding Eclectus parrots? Obviously, the more experience the breeder has, the better off you and the baby are.

Do you breed more than one species? The best breeders typically only breed one species, although there are a few good breeders that breed subspecies of Eclectus parrots as well. This gives you more choices when you select your chick.

Do you wean your chicks before you send them home with their new owners? This is an important question, and most good breeders will not allow babies to leave them until they are fully weaned.

Are your chicks hand fed? The chicks that are hand fed, or hand reared, make the best pets, because they are highly socialized.

Do you only sell the chicks that were bred and hatched at your aviary, or do you broker babies? You don't generally want to work with someone who brokers these birds. You want your chick to come from the place where it was born and bred. This is referred to as a closed aviary.

Are your chicks hatched in an incubator, or in the nest? Typically, the best chicks are hatched in the nest, with their mother. Bonding is very important.

How long do your chicks remain with their parents after they have hatched? Ideally, they will spend ten days to two weeks with their parents before they are taken away for hand feeding. If you can find a breeder that leaves the chicks with their parents for three weeks, this is even better.

Will I be able to see the parent birds when I select my chick? Seeing the parents is always a good idea. If the breeder breeds and hatches their chicks at the same location, and they aren't brokers, this shouldn't be a problem.

How much time is spent with your chicks each day? You want a chick that has spent a great deal of time with humans each day. This will give you a more social chick.

You may have additional questions that you want to ask as well. Make a list of questions, and ask them on the phone, and follow up with a visit in person to inspect the aviary. Choosing the right breeder is the first step to adopting the right Eclectus parrot.

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