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Meeting Up With Other Eclectus Parrot Owners

Eclectus parrots are remarkable birds. In fact, these are the most popular captive birds in existence. As a new owner of an Eclectus parrot, you probably have lots of questions. Luckily, because these birds are so popular, you won't have any trouble finding other owners.

For most pets, you would contact a national or local organization to connect with other owners. However, there has only been one such organization formed for Eclectus parrots, and this organization actually serves Eclectus parrot breeders. It is called the Eclectus Parrot Group, and it was formed in 2000. Just because the group was established for breeders, this doesn't mean that you can't obtain loads of information from the group site, located at, or that you can't connect with breeders, who are also essentially owners.

For that matter, you can talk to the breeder that you've worked with to obtain your Eclectus parrot as well. They will be an invaluable source of information, and of course they can put you in touch with other people who have purchased birds through them.

Online forums have also proven to be an invaluable resource for Eclectus parrot owners. Your first visit should be to the Parrot Forum, at Here, the forum is divided by species, making it very easy to connect specifically with Eclectus parrot owners. Overall, the Parrot Forums has over 1800 members.

Your next stop should be the Eclectus Parrots Forum, at This forum isn't as big as the last, in terms of members, but it is a friendly board, with a close knit group. You can learn a great deal here, and make new friends who share your interest along the way.

The Bird Board is also a good choice, at This forum is much like Parrot Forums, where the board is divided into different species, and there is a specific forum for Eclectus parrot owners. This is probably one of the most active boards, and it seems that there is always someone online reading the posts and making new ones.

You might want to consider starting a private Eclectus parrot club in your area as well, if there isn't one. Talk to your breeder to find out if there are enough owners in the area to make this worth the effort. Start contacting owners, and get other owners to help you organize the club. Club expenses can easily be covered by membership contributions or dues.

By connecting with other eclectic parrot owners, you will learn a great deal about your own bird. You can quickly and easily get answers to your important questions - without calling the veterinarian in the middle of the night. Of course, the added value of lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for beautiful Eclectus parrots is just another reason to start getting in touch.

Pet Owner Club
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