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Eclectus Parrot Myths

When you start thinking about adopting an Eclectus parrot, and you start talking to various people about the prospect, there is a very good chance that you will hear many myths, and absolute misinformation, concerning these very special birds. Here are the most common myths that you will likely hear:

Surprisingly, when people hear how wonderful Eclectus parrots are, they think that because they sound too good to be true, that there must be something inherently wrong with these creatures. The fact is that the Eclectus parrot is the most popular bird to adopt, and the reason for this is because they are actually quite pleasant pets.

Some people will tell you that Eclectus parrots only live for about eight to ten years. This is only true if the bird is not well cared for. A well cared for bird, on the other hand, lives to be between the ages of thirty and fifty.

Because Eclectus parrots were grossly malnourished when they were first brought to the United States ?largely because nobody understood their dietary needs ?these creatures were deemed as boring and stupid. This isn?t true. If the bird is well nourished, he is quite active and interesting.

For the same reason, many people believe that the Eclectus parrots health is fragile. This isn?t true at all. In fact, the Eclectus parrot is one of the healthiest captive birds in existence. They seldom get ill, and if they do, it is usually because they are not getting the proper nutrition.

This lack of understanding still exists in our world today. Some people don?t realize that Eclectus parrots require much more than bird seed or pellets. They require a well rounded diet of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and even grains.

You will hear reports of Eclectus parrots that have very bad behavior. In almost all instances of bad behavior, the bad behavior is due to negligence or improper nutrition. When the bird is well attended to, he is one of the easiest of all birds to keep as a pet.

Many people mistakenly think that Eclectus parrots do not talk, or do not talk very well. This is a complete myth that only becomes true when the bird is not sufficiently worked with. Eclectus parrots are actually considered the best talkers. They can learn an extensive vocabulary of words and phrases, and will even sing songs and make sound effects. Furthermore, the males sound very masculine, and the females sound very feminine.

In the future, if you hear negative things about Eclectus parrots, make it a point to find out for sure whether the information is true. The greatest source of information is a breeder with years of experience.

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