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Nail Clipping Tips for Eclectus Parrots

About every six months, you will need to clip your Eclectus parrots nails. This is important for your health and his, and for the health of your furnishings. Those nails can get very sharp and very dangerous.

This really is something that you can do yourself. Just make sure that you are prepared with the right tools. You need Kwik Stop, in case the nail bleeds. You also need a good thick towel, and a good pair of cat nail clippers. Do not attempt to clip your bird's nails without having Kwik Stop, or some other styptic powder. Even just cutting into the quick of the nail, and causing that nail to bleed, can easily and quickly lead to your Eclectus parrot bleeding to death.

You will be nervous the first few time that you do this, and your Eclectus parrot will pick up on that. You are about to find a good use for that thick towel. You need to wrap the bird in the towel in a way that leave his head exposed, but his wings held against his body. Also make sure that there is enough material to prevent him from biting your hand as you clip his nails.

It is important that you understand that just as you don't feel pain when your nails are clipped, this task doesn't hurt your Eclectus parrot either unless you cut too far, and hit the quick. If you've ever cut your nail too short, you know how painful this can be. You want to make sure that the bird cannot move as you clip. Understand that he is nervous and that he doesn't like this but know that you aren't hurting him. This should help you relax a bit.

The only part of the nail that you need to clip is the sharp point on the end. Again, you don't want to cause your bird pain by cutting down into the quick, and this is easily avoided by just cutting off the sharp tip of the nail.

While you are clipping your Eclectus parrots nails, make sure that you are talking calmly to him. He knows the sound of your voice well, and this will comfort and calm him, making your job easier.

Make sure that you work as fast as you can, while being safe. Don't get in such a hurry that you hurt the bird. If you are a bit slow in the beginning, don't worry. As time moves on, and you become more experienced at nail clipping, you will be able to do it very quickly, causing the Eclectus parrot less stress and anxiety. Get those nails clipped, and let him go.

Once you are finished clipping your Eclectus parrots nails, you can expect him to pout a bit. He may not want much to do with you for a while. Give him time to sooth his ruffled feathers and it won't be long before he is perched on your shoulder once again with nicely trimmed nails.

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