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Clipping the Wings of Your Eclectus Parrot

If you love your new Eclectus parrot, you will definitely want to clip his wings. Ideally, his wings will be clipped by the breeder, before he goes home with you, but only after he has been flying daily for at least a month. Without learning how to fly well, his development will be hindered.With that said, make sure that the breeder clips his wings before he goes home with you. If possible, ask to be present when this is done, so you can see it done. Don't assume, however, that this is something that you will do yourself the first several times it needs it. Instead, make sure you are present when it is done each time, and that the person doing it is instructing you as to how it should be done.

Finally, before you take on the task of wing clipping solo, do it with someone who is experienced with wing clipping standing next to you, just to be sure that you do now in fact know what you are doing, and you aren't going to make any mistakes. Note that if your bird's wings are not clipped, he will be able to get to those hard for you to reach places in your home, and you also have the potential for losing your bird, in the event that he manages to get outside.

An Eclectus parrot needs his wings clipped about once every six months. New feathers will continue to grow, and those feathers will reach the point where he is able to fly high again. It is vital that you never clip just one wing. This puts the bird off balance. It is also vital that you not cut the wings too short, or in the wrong shape, as this also affects his balance. When a bird is unbalanced, this typically ends with injury to the bird, when he tries to fly.

In terms of flight feathers, your Eclectus parrot has a primary set of flight feathers and a secondary set of flight feathers. Regardless of trimming, your bird will be able to fly ?he just won't be able to go very high or very far before he needs to land. If those primary feathers are cut too short, he won't be able to control his landing, and he will hit the floor hard. Therefore, those primaries must be cut short enough to keep him from going to high, but not so short that he can't control his landing. At the same time, you don't want to leave too much feather either. Again, this enables him to fly higher, for longer distances.

You may think that you don't need to clip your Eclectus parrots wings, because he will never be in danger of getting out of the house. What you may not realize, however, is that there are many dangers inside your home for an unclipped bird. He can fly into ceiling fans, open toilets, uncovered pots, windows, and mirrors.

A regular pet groomer generally is not qualified to clip wings. If you can't do it yourself, ask your breeder to recommend someone. If nothing else, ask the breeder if you can pay them to do it for you when it needs to be done. If you do learn how to clip your Eclectus parrots wings yourself, make sure that you have the proper tools for the job. You need sharp scissors with blunt ends, and these scissors should never be used for any other task.

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